Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce lawyers in New York: With or without children and marital property.

Uncontested divorce is simple and inexpensive, and it offers you and your ex-spouse the chance to end your marriage quietly and with dignity.
It's not right for everyone, but in some cases it works well.

A divorce is uncontested when both spouses reach an agreement with respect to ALL financial and divorce-related issues. Both spouses must agree to the divorce.
Quick turnaround. Low flat-rate legal fees. No court appearance. It's quite and most private matters remain so.

Our experienced divorce attorneys will evaluate your case and file for you uncontested divorce.

- $479.oo
+ Court fees*
(divorce without children)
+ Court fees*
(divorce with children)

In most cases, we can prepare your divorce papers and file your documents with the appropriate court within 5 business days. While most New York divorce lawyers fees start from $1200.oo for an uncontested divorce, we charge low flat fees. No hidden fees. No hourly rates.

* Court fees for divorce in NYC: $210.oo - index number, $125.oo - note of issue, $35.oo - stipulation of settlement.
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