Uncontested Divorce without Children

An uncontested divorce without children is in many ways the most straightforward form of divorce. While the end of a marriage can often be an unpleasant event, the fact that both parties are prepared to agree on the exact specifics of the termination does make this process easier for everyone involved.

While divorce is generally more difficult when children are involved, an uncontested divorce without children requires mainly that various assets be divided. This requires that both parties agree to the division of any properties, investments or other objects of financial value which each of the members of the couple can lay claim to. As this is an uncontested divorce, our lawyers will not be required to mitigate discussions on how such assets are to be allotted. In the case of an uncontested divorce, all of these issues have already been settled between the divorcing couple.

In some cases the term uncontested divorce without children is applied to a situation in which one member of the marriage does not appear in the divorce action. This can occasionally lead to certain complications, which are best handled by one of our experienced lawyers. An uncontested divorce is also the term that is used when the person who requests the divorce does not know the location of their spouse. In this situation the divorce papers cannot be served on the other person and other options may need to be pursued. It is advisable that the services of one of our lawyers be attained for such a procedure, in order to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that the divorce is properly finalised.

In an uncontested divorce without children, our lawyers will look after your interests for a very low price. Although both parties are in agreement, there can be certain issues of which neither of you are aware. Ensure that you do not lose any claims that you might have through lack of understanding and knowledge of the judicial systems. For a very low cost you can obtain a comprehensive divorce that will help you to make a fresh start with no lingering legal issues.

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