Divorce Contested

Contested divorce lawyers in New York. Division of assets and property in NY.

If you cannot come to an agreement with your about-to-be-ex on one or several issues related to the termination of your marriage even after consultation with your respective counsels, then you must take your issues to the Court to be decided. Usually contested divorces include the most sensitive subjects such as:

  • Custody of children and child support
  • Division of assets and property
  • Allocation of debts
  • Alimony

Whether your case requires vigorous negotiations, extensive negotiations in property distribution or assertive representation on trial, our attorneys are experts with courtroom experience, will fight to protect your interests.

Our contested divorces legal team has represented a wide range of clients with a particular focus on doctors, attorneys, business owners, entrepreneurs and other high net-worth individuals and their spouses.

Call us today; we will fight for the best resolution in your divorce case. Our matrimonial lawyers are specializing in difficult divorces in NY.

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