Divorce without Children

A divorce without children focuses on the division of financial assets and other items which are the joint property of the couple. In the case of an uncontested divorce, such issues are generally dealt with by the divorce applicants, which reduces the involvement of the courts. However while many issues may be agreed upon, it requires only one contested item for the divorce to become a contested divorce.

A contested divorce without children will require very experienced legal advice. Our low cost lawyers will ensure that you get the bigger half of any contested items. It is of course important to you that you are not on the losing end of any divisions, especially due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of understanding of the legal process. Assets need to be stipulated as either separate property or marital property, and it is up to each to prove which items fall under which category. Our experienced New York lawyers have negotiated this procedure many times over, and are aware of all of the pitfalls and technicalities that can detrimentally affect divorce application.

Many people are unaware of the extent of their rights when it comes to a divorce. Depending on the financial status of yourself and your spouse, there are a number of issues that may need to be addressed. For example your partner may be entitled to monies in the future, and there are certain payouts to which you may have a claim. You may also be entitled to a share in any of your partner's future earnings, or they may be attempting to claim a share of money you have yet to earn.

How much each party can claim, or indeed if they have a claim at all, is a matter that may need to be settled in court. Unless you want to be paying for your divorce for the rest of your life, ensure that you do not enter the courtroom or visit the negotiating table without one of our experienced lawyers at your side. Whatever your situation, our lawyers will work to maximise your gains and minimise your losses at all times. They charge relatively low fees, offering you a successful divorce at low price.

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