Divorce with children involved

Once you have decided to file for divorce you will usually require expert legal advice, especially in the case of a divorce with children involved. Once a marriage is terminated, both parties will have reponsibilities and rights when it comes to any children that are under the age of 21, or 22 for kids in college.

In an uncontested divorce, issues such as child support and custody are agreed by both parents without need for recourse to the judicial system. However in many cases agreement cannot be reached and there is a need for external mediation. When you are undergoing a divorce with children involved it is in your interest and in the interests of your children that you retain the services of a competent and experienced lawyer. The last thing that you want is to find yourself struggling to make ends meet with insufficient child support, or with limited access to your children during their formative years.

Our lawyers work for a low price, but specialise in all forms of divorce. They are familiar with all of the court proceedings related to this procedure along with all of the relevant forms and application that need to be supplied to the courts. They also know the rights of each party in the case of a divorce with children involved, and they know what you can and can't expect to be awarded.

With our lawyers and our comprehensive divorce service, if in New York , we will work to get you a custody arrangement that works for both you and your children. Child support and other financial issues such as health care and health insurance for your children are also matters of primary importance, which can be handled by our low cost lawyers.

A divorce can be complex, especially when it involves children. There are many rights and entitlements of which you may be unaware, and which our lawyers can discuss with you. Once a divorce is finalised it is not possible to recontest certain details of the settlement, particularly in the case of future monies to which you may have had a claim. Therefore our divorce lawyers are essential assets to you as you negotiate the terms of your divorce.

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